About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Easterseals strives to provide a world where all children can realize their dreams. We strengthen children and families at the most critical times in a child’s development.

What is Easterseals?

Easterseals is an organization that has been providing early education and development services to children in Georgia for more than 65 years. We are an indispensable resource for children living with disabilities, and we support both these children and their families during any challenge that may interfere with a child’s health and early development.

Easterseals North Georgia, Inc. is an affiliate of the Easterseals National organization, and we are excited to be expanding our services to serve children from birth until they become young adults.

Our National History

In 1907, Ohio-businessman Edgar Allen lost his son in an unfortunate streetcar accident. He thought, should there have been adequate medical services available, his son could have been saved. This hope for both his son and others prompted him to sell his business and start a fundraising campaign to build a hospital in his hometown of Elyria, Ohio.

The new hospital brought light to children living with disabilities and inspired to provide support, Allen founded the first organization of its kind, the National Society for Crippled Children. The organization and its Easter “seals” campaign received overwhelming support, triggering a nationwide expansion and a swell in grassroots efforts.



The National Society for Crippled Children’s Easter “seal” was so well-recognized that the organization adopted the new name “Easter Seals” in 1967.

Easterseals North Georgia


The first five years are the most important in a child’s life, as they are the foundation that shapes a child’s future health and happiness. These five years also impact a child’s growth, development, and learning achievements in their family, community, and life. Recent research confirms that the first five years are especially important for the development of the child’s brain, and the first three years are the most critical in shaping the child’s brain architecture. Studies by American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that a child’s brain structure is influenced significantly by their environment and experiences by their first few years of life.

At Easterseals North Georgia, it is our driving force is to both strengthen and support children and their families during their most critical times of development.

Here & Now

Easterseals wants every child to realize their dreams, and we know IT STARTS HERE! We are the leading provider of Early Education and Early Intervention services in the state of Georgia, offering hope and help to more than 4,000 children and their families. Many of our children come from low-income families or live with a disability, and it is our goal to create a nurturing learning environment that will promote future success for all children.

The need for affordable, high-quality child care is great and growing. At Easterseals North Georgia, we make this possible by offering comprehensive early education through our 12 Child Development Centers. Since 1997, we have demonstrated positive child outcomes. About 45% of the children who start our program are measured as performing at or above age level, and upon leaving our program more than 92% are performing at or above age level. These outcomes are a testament to the commitment, services, and benefits we provide our children, our families, and our community.

Early identification and treatment is essential to a child’s well-being. Easterseals North Georgia has teams of therapists, early interventionists, and other health professionals that help more than 1,800 children who have a disability overcome challenges.

At ESNG, we are a team – our staff, volunteers, sponsors, children, and their families. They are the reason we do what we do, and they inspire us and fuel our passion each and every day.

Easterseals Tomorrow

Easterseals continues to pioneer new services and programs that help children and families master new challenges as they move from infants to adulthood. Easterseals is currently planning for the expansion of our Therapy and Autism Specific Services to assist children of all ages.

Additionally, Easterseals continues to expand programs and services for children from birth to age 5. With these programs, ESNG hopes to identify gaps and provide new programs to ensure children start school healthy and ready to learn. We are excited about our new STEM initiative for children ages 2 to 5 years enrolled in our Child Development Centers.

ESNG also continues our advocacy work, seeking a society in which everyone is included and valued for who they are. Our goal is for children and adults alike to feel free to strive for what they want and encouraged to follow their dreams.

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