Early Education

Every year of a child’s life is precious. However, when it comes to development, the first five years are the most important. The brain develops faster during this time than at any other time in a child’s life, and how a child’s brain develops impacts their abilities to learn and succeed in the future.

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.”

Decades of research demonstrate that children with access to high-quality early development and health opportunities are more prepared for kindergarten and do better in school. Often times, these children are more likely to graduate high school and enroll in college. They also tend to live healthier lifestyles and become involved members of society. We at Easterseals North Georgia are dedicated to providing the best resources for young children and inspiring a bright future for them.

How Easterseals Helps

Easterseals North Georgia believes all families – regardless of income, disability, or national origin – deserve access to early care and education programs that are high-quality and affordable. We also encourage families to actively get involved in the education and well-being of their children. ESNG always welcomes parents and other family members to become a part of their child’s program.

Easterseals currently has 12 Child Development Centers (CDCs) serving more than 1,500 children from birth to the age of five. These accredited centers provide safe and caring environments for these young children. We use state-of-the-art tools and develop unique programs based on proven models. We also provide individualized learning plans, highly-qualified teachers, and active parent-based partnerships. In addition, ESNG seeks to assist the whole family by offering more comprehensive services such as healthy nutrition; medical, dental, disability, and social-emotional training; and parent training.

Our Programs

Our Early Education Programs include Head Start and Early Head Start programs, Early Childhood Mental Health, Georgia Pre-K, and Raising a Reader.

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