Georgia Pre-K

Georgia’s Pre-K Program is a lottery-funded education program for four-year-old children preparing for kindergarten. At Easterseals North Georgia, we provide Pre-K classes at all 12 of our Early Education Centers. For these classes, we teach from an evidence-based Creative Curriculum, and they follow the regular school-calendar year and times.

Involving Parents

Parents are children’s most important teachers and advocates, and they are a key part in a child’s success when entering school. For that reason, ESNG provides families enrolled in our Pre-K classes with comprehensive services, including nutrition, medical, dental, disability, and social-emotional services. We believe it is important for parents to become actively involved, and we offer trainings to provide them with the knowledge and skills to prepare their children for school and future success.

Teaching STEM

Easterseals introduced the first STEM Early Childhood Curriculum in Georgia. In addition, our partnership with Center for Sustainable Communities implemented an additional STEM curriculum for children, ages two through five. The additional curriculum is developmentally appropriate in a context that is meaningful to young children. These education strategies were designed to tap into young children’s natural curiosity and give them opportunities to be active participants in their learning.

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