Raising A Reader

A research study conducted by two psychologists, Betty Hart and Todd Risley, showed that by the age of four children of lower-income families hear 30 million fewer words than children of higher-income families. This word gap causes children of low-income families to have underdeveloped vocabularies, putting them at a learning disadvantage and sometimes leaving them unprepared for school. These findings emphasize how important it is to talk, sing, and read aloud to children daily starting from birth through the preschool years. Reading aloud to children from birth provides major developmental benefits to children, and this active involvement will promote not only language development but also overall brain development.

Easterseals North Georgia closes this gap through our early education programs and our Raising a Reader Program provided in our preschool classes. Raising a Reader is a nationally awarded program that places books into homes and empowers parents with the knowledge and resources to develop their child’s literacy, the foundation of academic success. Family engagement is one of the most important factors to increasing literacy and academic outcomes, and with ESNG’s Raising a Reader program, we help parents create a literacy-rich home. Literacy-rich homes include books in the home, regular reading between parents and children, and discussions with children, and providing this environment can predict language and literacy gains in a child’s early school years.

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