Two-Generation Approach

Imagine a mom who was a victim of domestic violence but because of her strength and fear for her child she was able to flee the relationship only to end up homeless. This is Carrie. She is a supportive mom who is an active participant in her son’s education and has dreams of only the best for him but her reality is that in keeping him safe she could not provide a stable home and was desperately searching for a job for months with no luck. She then came to Easterseals North Georgia where she received the programs, referrals and support she needed. Now, her son Sir is in our collaborative classroom receiving services for his disability. Carrie is thrilled because she was recently hired by a senior living facility and even has additional daycare for her son when she is at work. They are no longer homeless with funding to cover three months of rent. This mom who was brave enough to leave a violent relationship now has regained control over her life.

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